Leaving card for our apple expert

Martin, our app developer and all round apple guru has decided to move on. So, I decided his farewell card had to be inspired by apple. The card stock is actually silver (bit it is very reflective!!) and I used white ink. I made my own stencil from a trace of my macbook logo. The balance is a little “not quite really”, but I think it will do the trick:

photo (3)

Just made it in time to submit to the current Casology challenge, yay. The cue card at casology this week is three: there are 3 words in the sentiment, 3 layers of card stock, and finally three square corners. Have a lovely day and thanks so much for stopping by!! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Leaving card for our apple expert

  1. This is awesome! I would love to hear more about the white ink on the mirror-card! Did you stamp it? Print it? Such a fun and clever take on ‘three’! Thanks so much for joining us at CASology this week!

  2. What a brilliant card for Martin! I love the shine from that paper and the perfect Apple logo! Thanks for playing along with CASology this week!

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